Basement Waterproofing

Your home is your biggest investment. Would you let something that can be fixed lower your property value and comfort? Most of us would say “no way!” But if you have a leaky basement then you’re doing just that.


A wet basement creates a variety of problems in your home including high electric bills, condensation, wet drywall, and an unlivable space. And if you have a wet basement then it can also decrease your home’s value by 10-20%. So why would you live with a wet basement when it causes all of these problems and costs you money?

What Do I Need to Do First?
In order to fix your wet basement you need to find the source of the problem. Most of the time a musty basement, wet drywall, efflorescence and leaky basement walls are signs that you have a basement water problem.

Let us solve your problems by having one of our basement waterproofing experts take a look at your wet basement.

We’ll do the dirty work and find the source of your basement problems.

What Causes Basement Water Problems?

why-basements-leakYour basement foundation is built in a large hole. Before your basement foundation was poured, the virgin soil where your home is built was dug out to create the space to build the foundation. After the concrete for your basement foundation was poured and dried, a drain is installed near the basement footings and the area is backfilled. Backfilled soil is much looser than the virgin soil since it has been disturbed and dug up. Virgin soil is undisturbed soil. Virgin soil is more compact and stable than backfilled soil which allows water movement next to your foundation.

Clogged Footing Drains

A footing drain is installed just outside of your home’s basement foundation. This drain is meant to keep water away from your foundation but it can easily clog. The footing drain is thick pipe that has holes drilled into it to allow water to drip into the pipe.

Stone is laid on top of the drain pipe to prevent the backfill from clogging the pipe. Over time the backfill seeps through the stone and clogs the pipe. There’s no way to keep the footing pipe clean unless you want to excavate the ground surrounding your home to flush the pipe. This is incredibly messy, expensive and could damage your foundation. And who wants to do that?

Hydrostatic Pressure

A clogged footing drain will not collect any more water. So the water puddles up into the backfill and starts pushing against your home. The weight of the water creates pressure which pushes against your foundation – this is also called hydrostatic pressure.

The hydrostatic pressure pushes the water into the porous concrete and through cracks in the block or mortar. Over time the hydrostatic pressure, soil settlement and seasonal changes can result in basement wall cracks or cracks in the poured concrete.

Soil Settlement

The backfilled soil around your basement foundation will settle. As the soil settles it will sink towards your foundation, creating a slope which allows water to run next to your basement foundation, eventually causing hydrostatic pressure.

If your gutters don’t point away from your basement foundation then this can add to the soil settlement problem. You can help prevent some of the hydrostatic pressure from soil settlement by adding dirt to the sunken soil.

Basement Wall Cracks

Concrete cracks happen. A basement wall crack or crack in your basement floor can let water in. The wall cracks are a sign that your basement foundation is experiencing other structural problems.




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Why Should I Fix My Wet Basement?

Your basement is your home’s foundation, and a dry basement’s important to your home’s health. If you have a wet basement it’s uncomfortable, can increase your energy bills and even cause health problems.

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality
You breathe the air in your basement. The basement air is circulated through the rest of your home. And if you have basement moisture, that damp air is pulled through the rest of your home.

Protect Your Family’s Health
Since the air in your basement doesn’t stay there, it’s important to keep your basement dry and healthy. Basement moisture can promote mould growth and invite dust mites into your home. If you have mould in your basement, there’s a good chance that you’re also breathing in mould.

Increase Your Home’s Value
If you plan on selling your home then a wet basement will lower the value of your home. The Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act requires the seller to tell potential home buyers about foundation and structural problems – which includes a wet basement – and discount the home 10-20%.

An unhealthy, wet basement equals an unhealthy house. Improve your home’s health today by giving us a call at 07877750569 to have one of our basement waterproofing experts take a look at your wet basement to see if you have a problem.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

We believe that you deserve only the best. All of our basement waterproofing solutions are custom designed for your home. And all of our basement repair specialists are extensively trained by our team of professional engineers before they can conduct a basement inspection and recommend solutions.

Whether you have leaky basement walls, wet drywall, condensation or a musty basement, we’re here to help you.