Damp Proofing

Suffering from damp problems?

If you are looking for highly competitive damp proofing costs then look no further than PT Renovations. We offer survey and diagnosis for damp problems, waterproofing systems including basement or cellar tanking as well as solutions for rising damp, dry rot, wet rot and woodworm.

We provide house restoration, damp proofing and associated plastering in Kent and surrounding areas. We are experts at installing a damp proof course using a damp proof membrane to protect your building along with replastering to ensure the quality of your building lasts.

Timber preservation

At PT Renovations we are specialists in eradicating woodworm and wood boring insects. Our remedial timber treatment involves the controlled application of infested timbers.

After detailed survey and diagnosis we can do this with a paste or solution applied appropriately. In some cases remedial treatment may involve the replacement of the structurally impaired timber with suitable pre-treated wood.

Providing dry rot solutions

Your building can suffers from dry rot because of dampness and we are experts in dealing with damp problems at PT Renovations. In the control of dry rot, the first step is to eliminate the source of moisture by identifying and correcting the source of water penetration, i.e. by repairing leaking roofs, plumbing, by drying out masonry, or by installing an effective damp proof course.

We will then remove all the structurally unsound timber and replace it with pressure impregnated sections. Affected masonry surfaces may also be treated with a fungicide.

At PT Renovations we offer a reliable and efficient service with a fast turnaround time. The quality of service and the certificates of treatments and guarantees we  issue gives you confidence and proof of value when the property is sold.

By adopting a systematic approach to each project and utilising a high standard of materials combined with our expertise, we can help preserve the unique character of all buildings for the enjoyment and benefit of future generations whether it is a church, home or commercial property.